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Domain Registration

Domain name registration

Find a domain that will fit your business, hobby or blog

Almost always on sale! 

Go get it you Lucky Dog!

Website Hosting

Only the best web hosting solutions


Website Security

A wide range of security products that will keep your website safe so you don't have to be a Lucky Dog but a Smart Dog as well!

Products include:

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More tools for your website

Website Builder tool

This site was created using our Website builder in about an hour.

This site was created using our Website builder in about an hour.

This is an awesome tool that will take your ideas and get them on the web in a matter of minutes!

Check out the Website Builder plans.

Managed WordPress


Let us partner with you with one of the most popular content publishing platforms on the web.
Not only do we have tons of plugins, the Managed sites are always kept up to date to reduce the chance your site will become unresponsive.

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Quick Shopping Cart

Quick Shopping cart 
Everything you need to open your own online store

 Everything you need to open your own online store. 

Whether you just have a few items to sell or you have a ton of products we've got you covered.

All plans are able to be scaled up as needed so your site can grow with you all the way to unlimited number of products. 

All shopping carts come with FREE HOSTING

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Email Marketing

Reach out to your customers and keep them informed of your upcoming events or sales via Email

Reach out to your customers and keep them informed of your upcoming events or sales via Email.

Great for club sites or business.

All plans include

  • Easy Signup Form(s) 
  • Basic Image Storage
  • Unsubscribe Handling
  • Works with Facebook, Etsy & More

Start your Marketing Campaign today!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Bring more traffic to your website with Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important things you can do is optimize your site so the search engines can find you and that changes all the time. 

With Lucky Dog SEO, you're going to feel like a Lucky Dog when your site is showing up on the search engines.

Get found with SEO

Online Storage


Stop giving Google or Drop Box all your information so they can market you based on the content of your documents!
Yes they data mine your "Private Information" 

Securely store your documents and pictures without prying eyes for pennies a day.
Have you read the terms lately?

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About This Website

Applies to LuckyDogWeb, LuckyDogServers, LuckyDogHosting and LuckyDogDomains

LuckyDogWeb.com is a site powered by the 4DME.COM reseller program. 

This is a powerful Turnkey platform that allows anyone to become an Internet Service Provider (ISP) selling domains, Web Hosting, Virtual and Dedicated servers, SSL Certificates and more in a matter of minutes.

With it, you have the ability to set your own prices and also create sales promotional codes and they take care of everything including billing, after sale customer support, that is unless you want to do it yourself. 

At the publishing of this site on 2/8/19, the LuckyDogWeb.com reseller site has been live less than 24 hours and I made my first sale (To MySelf)

I purchased the domain names: LuckydogServers.com, LuckyDogHosting.com and LuckyDogDomains.com to complement LuckyDogWeb.com. 

What is really cool is that I got the domains at wholesale at what they call the buy rate of less than $9! The difference on the website is profit if someone else purchases something! 

In addition I got the Pro reseller plan for less than $120 with Promotion code  RSPLAN25. but you can dip your toe in and to with the normal reseller plan. It has a 20% higher buy rate and fewer offerings so your opportunity is limited. Use Promo Code  RSPLAN10 to knock off 10% from the plan. 

All these Lucky Dog domains I pointed to the LuckyDogWeb.com pages that match the product in the name. The interface was so easy I was shocked. I plan to develop other pages for them like this one that can be more descriptive. By the way, this hosting came with the plan as well as a I can't say enough about the reseller plan at 4DME.COM. 

Here are the freebies I got when I signed up that aren't listed on the page. 

Over $500 Value

  • Website Builder Business Plus 
  • Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel
  • Business Managed WordPress
  • 5 Business Email plans
  • Deluxe Online Storage
  • Standard SSL 
  • Website Security Basic
  • Search Engine Visibility v1 
  • Email Marketing - Pro

LuckyDogServers.com uses links to the LuckDogWeb.com site offering a full catalog of website and domain related products and is a reseller of 4DME.COM, a web hosting company